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Ikh Uliastai Partnership

Ikh Uliastai Partnership

FeltProductsBUSINESS TYPE: souvenir shopping

LOCATION: Erdenebulgan soum


BIO:The partnership was established in 2005 with five original members.  They produce warm and light slippers, socks, children's wool boots, bags, and hats.  They typically use sheep, lamb, yak, and camel wool.  The partnership meets the needs of local persons and foreign visitors/tourists.  Also, souvenirs are made and Mongolian crafts are publicized through their felt product manufacturing.


Exporting products helps the partnership to extend their production and increase the livelihood of the members.  The products unique feature is that it is made 100% by hand, starting with the cleaning of the wool and turning it into felt.  They also pride themselves on having ecologically healthy products.  The traditional way of making felt is combined with modern technology, and the color and design has flavors of modernity.


Products are sold in ger camps and through local markets.  Since 2007, some of the products such as kids shoes, slippers, souvenirs, bags, items that can hang from cars' rear view mirrors, felt earrings and necklaces, and felt pouches have been shipped to Japan, Finland, the Netherlands, and Italy.



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Contact Information
Contact Person: Narantuya
Phone number: 99061081
Email Address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.