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Tungalag Tamir Ger Camp

Tungalag Tamir Ger Camp


BUSINESS TYPE: Ger Camp / Restaurant

LOCATION: Ix Tamir soum

OPEN: May - October

BIO: The ger camp opened in 2003, but we have been doing horse treks since 1996. ·We currently offer 10 gers and 6 small wooden houses for lodging - none of which have obstructed views because we've placed them all in a row. ·Guests can take advantage of the many things we have nearby: fresh water, rivers, horses, yaks, and even a herder family living nearby who welcome guests into their home. ·We also have our own greenhouse, allowing our guests access to fresh vegetables. ·These vegetables are used in meals made at our on-site restaurant (open from 9:00am - 22:00pm).

··With over 15 years of horse trekking experience, we've maintained reliable horses with soft saddles and saddle bags for your convenience. ·And when it's time to say goodbye, we send our guests off in a traditional way - with the tossing of milk into the air.



IMG_0004 DSCN6946 DSCN6723


Activities/Services Offered:
check-mark_1Horse riding
check-mark_1Showers check-mark_1Company Driver / Guide
074373-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-crossingCamel riding check-mark_1Indoor bathroom, sink 074373-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-crossingMeals included in price

check-mark_1Yak riding

074373-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-crossingElectricity (limited) check-mark_1Bar
check-mark_1Fishing w/ guide check-mark_1Electricity (24 hour)

074373-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-crossingMassage / Spa

check-mark_1Hiking 074373-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-crossingInternet


check-mark_1Nearby Lake / River check-mark_1Phone / Cell Service check-mark_1Herder Family visits

074373-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-crossingSwimming Pool

check-mark_1Heating / Air-conditioning 074373-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-crossingSouvenir Shop

check-mark_1NearbyHistorical Sites

check-mark_1Nearby Food store check-mark_1Laundry Service
074373-simple-red-glossy-icon-alphanumeric-crossingNearby Protected Areas

Other Activities Offered:
Dairy and Mongolian Vodka processing demonstrations
-Ger building demonstrations
-"Horhog" style cooking demonstrations·

Contact Information
Contact Person: Н. Dawaasuren
Phone number: 976-99029858, 976-91029898
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.