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Getting to Arkhangai

How to Get to Arkhangai

Dragon Center (Драгон Төв) Bus Station

Located approximately 9 km west of Sukhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar (also spelled Ulan Bator).  

You can wave down any taxi and they will take you to the Dragon Center.  Cost should be 500 tugriks per kilometer.  Or you can catch the city bus from nearly any stop along Peace Avenue (but be sure you read the signs and look for a bus number that goes to Dragon Center).  The city bus only costs 300 tugriks per ride.

Mikr (Micro-bus) or Russian Jeep

If you would prefer to ride in a smaller vehicle, you can ask around at the Dragon Center for a Mikr (pronounced "meeker") or Jeep heading to Arkhangai.  Typically the drivers of these vehicles will leave on their own schedule (which may or may not fit your schedule), and will typically ask for 20,000 tugriks.  Be prepared to squeeze yourself into a seat a bit too small for comfort, and if you're hauling a lot of bags, be prepared to pay a bit extra.  

Overall, whether you come by bus or mikr you will probably be looking at a trip of 8-10 hours (including a meal break of about 30-40 minutes).