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Mongolia in general is covered in rivers and lakes, and Arkhangai has a beautiful mix of both.  White Lake (Tsagaan Nuur) in the Northwest portion of the aimag is the largest lake, but Ugii Lake and rivers such as Tamir and Chuluut boast very nice catches and opportunity to snag fish in some of the most remote areas of Mongolia.  The rivers are full of fish, including Siberian salmon, pike, perch, taimen and gudgeon. 

One of the most interesting things to witness in this region is the Taimen (see picture below) mating season.  The Naimgan Tal Ger Camp offers a fish photosafari between the weeks of mid-May to early June.  The season is short, but you can float in the river directly above the fish and watch their mating ritual.  And needless to say, you can fish for taimen as well.

Here is a list of the camps in Arkhangai that offer some sort of fishing tour or access to local fishing spots that include a guide with this service:


Hasu Shivert Wellness Center



Great Khan Khubilai Tourist Camp


Ikh Tamir:

Tungalag Tamir Ger Camp



Battulga Ger Camp

Ovgon Had Ger Camp

Surtiin Tulga Partnership Ger Camp

Tunga Guesthouse



Shiveet Mankhan


Ugii Nuur:

Buyant Ugii Ger Camp

Ugii Tour Ger Camp