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Horse or Yak Riding

Many places in Arkhangai have access to horse-riding activities.  However, there are a few select guides and/or companies that we know have their own horses or at minimum a close relationship with a local guide in their respective areas. Also, if you find yourself wanting to try something different, we recommend checking out the Yak riding options available in the aimag as well.


Select any of the companies/persons below to see contact information regarding their particular horse-riding (or yak riding) options:


Galsaihan - Guide

Hasu Shivert Wellness Center

Fairfield Guesthouse



Great Khan Khubilai Tourist Camp


Ix Tamir:

Tungalag Tamir Ger Camp
Horse or Yak riding)



Ovgon Had Ger Camp

Surtiin Tulga Partnership Ger Camp

Tunga Guesthouse



Duut Resort

Shiveet Mankhan


Ugii Nuur:

Buyant Ugii Ger Camp

Ugii Tour Ger Camp